Picture Gallery

cheap imatation

this came to me in a Vision,

around 2005,

to get around the patent,

as it copies all the activating motions of the joe-stick


this next generation joystick,

has 6 seperate controls,

all 3 axis of straight movements,

as well as 3 axis of rotation,


compatered to the regular 2,

front2back,,, + side2side

it could be used to control,

almost anything, the more complex the better it preforms,

emulator 3 view

this came to me in a Vision,

just after becaming a believer,

in the Holy Bible,

and becoming born again

way back in 88


this could give you greater control of your remote control airplain,

or this could be a way to give a fighter pilot greater control of their aircraft

if you added a camera on the plane,

and a small screen mounted on the top of the controls,

you could give the player,

the feeling of actually being there,

in the cockpit of the aircraft


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